EL EVATA is at the center
of state-of-the-art battery
and electric vehicle technologies

Technological Strengths
  • Advanced R&D capabilities in collaboration with top-tier research institutions in Germany and India

  • Development of MCB, the next-generation Kill-Chain battery that will change the battery paradigm

  • World's safest LFP batteries with the highest life cycle and energy density

  • Advanced technology in development and production of electric vehicles

  • Sustainable manufacturing process that reduces the carbon footprint right across the value chain, and factories built
    with zero liquid discharge system

  • State-of-the-art battery production line through the automation of our gigafactories

  • First in the world to develop transmission technology specialized for electric vehicles

R&D ability

R&D is key in achieving our product objectives which are to be the best in performance, safety and affordability. EL EVATA began its research in 2007 at its R&D center in Germany and has been accumulating numerous cutting-edge technologies and know-hows throughout years of restless research.

Our LFP battery products are guaranteed as the safest and best in quality and also, we are currently revolutionizing the battery paradigm with the development of MCB, the next-generation battery type no one has ever seen.

Nanophosphate Technology

EL EVATA's specialized technology which delivers exceptional performance, durability, and reliability.

Technological Excellence
  • New-concept batteries, which are now a concentration of next-generation technologies
  • Have battery technology that will transform the paradigm of existing batteries
LiFePo4 기술 특징 LiFePo4 기술 특징
  • Has LFP battery technology that is similar in performance and efficiency to lithium-ion batteries but is much safer and more affordable
  • Maximum life battery without explosion (Life Cycle up to 5000 times)
  • European CE Certification
  • UN Security Certification
  • Winning SGS certification, the most credible testing agency
  • World's largest battery production possible from 12Ah to 45 & 48 Ah (2023)
Technology Comparison
ITEMS/Types Type Li-ION (LG, SDI & SK) LiFePO4 (China) EL EVATA Battery
Type Li-Ion Li-FePO4 LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage [V] 3.7 3.2 3.3
Max. Voltage[V] 4.2 (4.35) 3.7 3.9
Over.max [V] 4.3 (4.4) 4 3.9-4.1
Lwr max [V] 2.5 2 2.7
Life Cycle (Average) 500-1500 <2000 3.000--4,000
Life Cycle (Max) <1000 <4000 >5,000
E.Density (Wh/kg) 168--182 110--150 148--162 Wh/kg
C Rate (Max) 10 C 20 C 10 C
Safety Medium & Low Normal Excellent
Dis-charge Rate
>1% >3% >2%
Temperature -20-50°C -20-40°C -30-60°C
Advantages H/Energy Density Life Cycle High Volume/Life Cycle
NMC Li & Fe Li & Fe
Disadvantages Explosion Cheaper Price than Li-ion Cheaper & Safe
Good Quality Low Quality High Quality
Mostly Used Area Japan, Korea, EU & USA CHINA & Korea EU & KOREA
  • UN Certification

  • European CE Certification

  • SGS test Certification