Business Area


Our business competitiveness comes from
the safety, reliability, and quality of our products realized from years of R&D,
an expansive global network, and strategic business synergy created with EL B&T,
the electric vehicle subsidiary of the EL Group.

Business Area
Total Battery Solution

We are capable of customized mass production of LFP batteries in various types and sizes that can be applied in numerous areas.

We offer a wide range of battery sizes and types, ranging from 12Ah to high-capacity options such as 45Ah, 48Ah, 18650, and 21700, etc. in the following sectors.

  • Battery Cell

    The basic unit of a battery that stores electrical energy. Can be manufactured in optimized lengths and widths.

  • Battery Cluster

    A group of multiple battery cells.

  • Battery Pack

    A group of multiple battery cells.

  • Battery Module

    Smaller units of a battery pack used for easier management and maintenance.

    Can be designed in a variety of shapes.

  • Cooling System

    A cooling device that regulates the temperature of a battery pack or a module to enable safe and efficient operation.

  • BMS

    A system that monitors and manages the battery conditions. It optimizes battery life and performance by regulating temperature, voltage, charging, and discharging.

  • Safety Plug

    A safety device that shuts down the battery in situations regarded as unsafe such as when the battery is overheated or when there is an overflow of power.

  • Power Relay / Relay Assembly

    A device that regulates the power flow and is used to connect or disconnect a battery.

Technology and Business Competitiveness
of EL EVATA and the EL Group
  • Pioneering R&D capacity in collaboration with top-tier research institutions in Germany and India

  • Guaranteed safety with no explosion or flames, certified by the UN, CE, and SGS

  • The most efficient batteries in the world with the highest life cycle and quality

  • Total Supply Chain including necessary components for production from raw materials to parts and equipment

  • International locations of our factories and supply chain

  • Business and technological synergy created with EL B&T, the electric vehicle company of the EL group

  • Unparalleled product price competitiveness

Advantages Specific to
Electric Vehicles
  1. 01

    Our unique compact design requires minimal space for mounting

  2. 02

    We are the world's first to produce and install EV-specific transmission

  3. 03

    We have created our own distinctive and powerful Powertrain (motor & controller)

  4. 04

    We have made battery swapping system convenient for a quick and easy replacement

Applicable Industries of Our Products
  • Electric Vehicles
  • ESS
  • Military
  • SEV
  • P-Mobility

Applicable to all other areas.