Global Network

Global Network

We have been actively putting down long-term roots across the globe securing
an international Network of R&D associates, industrial partners, suppliers, and customers.
We are strengthening our global network
through technological exchange and close-knit business cooperation with our affiliates.

Our Global Network

globally competitive.

  • South Korea Headquarters
  • Europe Headquarters
  • Turkiye Battery Plant 1
  • Malaysia Subsidiary
  • Saudi Arabia Joint Venture
  • India Joint Venture
Our Global Network Strengths
  • Our factories at global locations allow for a stable supply chain and production.

  • Through cooperation and sharing technological advancements, we can further advance and expand our technology.

  • Increased product sales and efficiency in various aspects of business.

  • Establishment of joint ventures in Saudi Arabia and India
    to serve as the hub in the Middle East and the AFTA.