Since 2007, with an outlook for a cleaner future, EL EVATA has been accumulating innovative technologies for rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles and building factories worldwide.
Through the restless pursuit of technological breakthroughs,
we will continue to play a leading role in the battery industry and the eco-friendly era.

Leap period
~ 2023
    • Succeeds in developing the next-generation MCB
      for the first time in the world.
    • Establishes a branch in Malaysia.
    • Is granted priority rights to supply rechargeable batteries, and electric vehicles in the Indian market and to acquire special minerals, including lithium, in India.
    • Establishes a joint venture in India (EL INDIA).
    • Establishes a joint venture between EL EVATA (EL B&T) and SIIVC
      in Saudi Arabia and begins factory construction process.
    • Completes construction of the production factory in Turkiye
      and relocation of the assembly factory in Germany.
    • Spins off and establishes EL EVATA.
2nd Growth Period
2022 - 2018
    • Transfers all lithium iron phosphate manufacturing facilities,
      industrial property rights, and know-hows.
    • EL B&T acquires business rights of the German SL battery.
    • Initiates sales in the European market.
    • Begins mass-producing batteries at the German plant.
1st Growth Period
2018 - 2015
    • Obtains European CE Certification.
    • Obtains UN Safety Certification.
    • Obtains SGS certification.
    • Develops LiFePo4 battery with 100% German technology.
Founding Period
2009 - 2007
    • 2009 Establishes EL B&T
    • 2007 Launches research and development
      for electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries.