CEO Young-il Kim attends the World Leaders Summit Awards 2023

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Young-il Kim, CEO and Chairman of EL EVATA, a rechargeable battery cell manufacturing industry, was awarded an accolade at the "World Leaders Summit Awards 2023" event held at the House of Parliament in London on September 8. He was recognized in his capacity as the leader of EL EVATA (EL B&T) India, a joint venture established in India.


The "World Leaders Summit Awards 2023" ceremony is an annual event hosted by the UK Parliament. It brings together distinguished politicians, business leaders, social activists, scholars, and more from across the globe, primarily from the UK and India, to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas on topics such as technological advancements, economic growth strategies, climate change mitigation, and social equality. Through this event, attendees are able to establish valuable networks and partnerships in many international economic and social sectors. This platform serves as an essential opportunity for shared prosperity from a commonwealth perspective.


EL EVATA has established EL EVATA India, a joint venture in Navi Mumbai, India, to manufacture LFP batteries. It has received approval from the Indian government to produce and supply rechargeable batteries. The company has acquired a site in the size of 290,909m2and intends to begin construction of the LFP battery plant in the size of 99,173m2 by late September of this year. The company official stated that they received the "2023 World Leader Summit Awards" in the UK due to the establishment of the joint venture in India and the recognition of their management team as future leaders in India.


According to the company, this accolade is meaningful in the way it inspires the company to serve as the access center for minerals like lithium mines in India, as they have secured the Indian government’s approval to supply materials for the battery plant of EL EVATA India. It also motivates the company to continue its role as a hub of battery business in the Middle East and the AFTA market.


EL EVATA specializes in producing and conducting R&D on rechargeable batteries. It is a partner of EL B&T, an electric vehicle manufacturer.